Unit3. week 4–3


We interact with an intimate relationship with various products within domestic spaces. Physical objects became smarter and more autonomous in an advanced technological society. When digital devices flourish more in our society, could we imagine them not as functional aspects but as technological cohabitants in the future? What roles do humans play at home? How we could understand their ecosystem?. I questioned whether we can imagine the devices as (digital) creatures which has different types of surviving skills ad relationships among them at home. This imagination could provoke a discussion about how we’d like our devices to relate to us.


Speaking of the video, the devices are reframed by the style of a nature documentary. It contains various stories such as surviving, ecosystem, and relationships within an environment. As an observer of our home, the living room was inspired by forests where lives plentiful species and have various interactions among them. It is narrated as the (digital) creatures with human perspectives and delivers the story based on observation and anthropomorphism. By reframing the environment, it provides a perceptual bridge to provoke different stories between human and digital devices.


[Improved self-driven process — unit 3]

Unit 3 was a more self-directed process. I was more focused on narrowing down the project scopes and saw the result based on the effort. Most of the previous work’s concepts were vague and more focused on iterations. While I loved various experiments works, I was eager to deep dive into a project to concrete the concept. As a designer, It was a good time to realise my work styles. I am a more productive person when I have a strict schedule, deadline, purposes. Moreover, I was enjoyed mixing two different systems.

[Expanding speculative thinking — learned through this work]

I believe that designers should have to challenge themselves to adapt to new environments. Designers could suggest not only problem-solving perspectives but also new insights and discussion areas for uncovered fields. Using new mediums make me excited and refresh. It needs to consider various contexts. During this term, I experienced 3D and I could expand my imagination through the tool. Three-dimensional environments have a lot of potentials to expand the image area of designers. It breaks the barriers between physical and digital areas.

[Connecting network — weakness]

Even though I was enjoyed experiencing new tool, networking was the hardest challenge. The result of the collaboration propose was not good. When I looked back at the process, I was not sure about the work process and the intention. However, I would love to display my final work to various design platforms and expose myself.

[Expanding the scenario and iteration of reframing process — continue]

In terms of my plan, I would love to keep going with the projects’ theme. I only made Livingroom. However, I am excited to create various home areas such as Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom. Maintaining scenarios would make the story stronger and the position of designer. On the other hands, I believe that one of my strengths is reframing and deconstructing a system to others. Even if I do different works, I want to use this process for exercising.

[Open new three-dimensional areas — lon-term plans]

Unit 3 gave more chance to explore three-dimensional fields. I am interested in new medium and the transition of the physical world to digital areas such as 3D space, textures and sensory experiences.



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